November 9, 2006


PRESENT: Rev. Darneather Murph-Heath, Pastor Bill, Sherrie and Jim Cottrell, Rich Hill, John and Edie Machonis, Amy Johnson, JoAnne Gregorash, Marianne Rogenski,  Nona and Harry Schlinker, Shirley and Jerry McDaniel, Marshall Nystrom, Jill Wood-Naatz, Jim Naatz, Glen Hollingsworth, Steve Miller, Bev Wilkes, Dann Gire,  Carolyn Meneely, Bruce Bedingfield, Leo Gac, Fred Fleski and Cathy Mottar


Church Charge Conference called to order by Rev. Darneather Murph-Heath with prayer.  The meeting followed the 2006 Church Conference Agenda that is attached to these minutes for your reference.


Reflection provided by Rev. Darneather Murph-Heath – ŇGod wants each and everyone to see and do things a little differently.Ó


Evidences of the Grace of God (Led by JoAnne Gregorash – Lay Leader, input provided by all)

á      Micah ministries started last year – God has asked us to work with justice and mercy in our ministry.

á      Mission Trip to Louisiana (Katrina Relief) and help build repart of the city.

á      Mission trip to Appalachian Service project, we sent 41 people (the biggest group ever)

á      Vacation Bible School (Market Place) – Many participants/helpers and included the CCCC children.

á      Members and children of the church look forward to coming and attending events.

á      Prayer Shawl Ministry – A group of ladies in the church that make shawls for those in need.

á      Habitat for Humanity

á      Soup Kitchen

á      Affordable Safe Christian Daycare Program

á      Technology Ministry has really taken off this year.  It has really grown into visual display and provided a new radiance to our worship services.

á      Worship Services – Spirit is Alive, Inspirational

á      Music Program including all choirs, praise team, childrenŐs choir

á      Our New Banner with our church hands

á      Caring Ministries programs – Gifts from the heart, Hunger

á      Youth Activities – Open Mic night, 30 Hour Famine, Confirmed 17 students in the fall.

á      ORUMC was recognized by Child Serve

á      Missionary Support – Richard Vales in the Philippines

á      Support the Crisis Center, Schaumburg Pantry and our own church Pantry

á      Recently hired a director of Evangelical service.

á      Support ANON group from family of drug addicts

á      Our Website

á      Scouting Organizations that make use of our church

á      WomenŐs Book Bible Study – very active group

á      Monday evening prayer group and bible study

á      Voices of Light – Youth perform in the plays and many children not from our church.  Several have some to join our church.

á      Usher and Scripture Readers – 50 to 60 people

á      Active United Methodist Women – Have an annual rummage sale and pass on the earnings to our missions.

á      United Methodist Men group

á      An active youth, Rob McCoy, from our church came back to provide a sermon after he was ordained.

á      TLC (Tender Loving Care) group serves meals to those who are sick

á      Pastor Bill provides communion to Devonshire


Rev. Darneather Murph-Heath commended and said that we should celebrate on our ministries.


Evidences of the Work of God

Staff Parish Report -- Dann Gire reviewed the Staff Parish report relating to PastorŐs Compensation see the attached document.  The staff parish committeeŐs recommendation was for a 4% increase over the $43,091 base salary in 2006 and add a $3,500 housing allowance to his overall compensation package.   Dann made a motion to accept the recommendations and it was seconded by Fred Fleski and approved by the attendees. 


Recommended for Ministry and Lay Speakers -- The attendees reviewed the recommendation as in the attached document and added that Amy Johnson is exploring to be a candidate for ministry.  Pastor Bill made the motion for this recommendation be passed.  Fred Fleski seconded the motion and all were in favor.


Review of Goals:

ORUMC Goals – An effort to bring back those that may have not be as active as in the past.  Third worship service aimed at younger people.

Engage 20 new families into our church and encourage participation in our ministries.

Receive & engage 20 new families – Discussion centered on how to engage new members in ministries (at least 1) to help build relationships within the congregation.  The orientation classes goal will be 4 per year (approx. 1 per quarter), not 6.  Shirley said she has been tracking visitors and new members for several years.  Although some have already moved away, if they have stayed, they have been active   CarolynŐs new position will involve working on these goals with the objective to build relationships and engage members.

Re-engage 25 existing members – Service project goals will be: for ASP, maintained at 42 people; for New Orleans, doubled to 16 people.  Music participation goal for increasing should be concentrated on new 3rd service.  When talking with members about why they are not participating, we need to be sensitive in asking why.  People may not open up with reasons or be willing to give feedback about why they want to leave.  Jerry pointed out the need to clarify what kind of member is targeted to be re-engaged – those who have not been here for 1 year or more and/or those who worship but are not participating in committees or ministries.  Glen said we must reach out to both groups.

Church Goals will be finalized and presented at Charge Conference on November 9th.


Rev. Darneather Murph-Heath encouraged members to jump in with both feet.


Board of Trustees (Leo & Marilyn Gac, Bev Wilkes, Mike Wojtal, Jim Gurga, Jim Naatz) – The trustees presented their update since the last charge conference listing the accomplishments:

1.    Working with the Tech committee there were ceiling fans and video equipment installed in the sanctuary.

2.    Repaired lights in the parking lot.

3.    Repaired and painted walls.

4.    A Security system was installed in the day care.

5.    New Phone system

6.    Kitchen was remodeled

7.    Parking lot cracks were repaired

8.    Negotiating with another cell phone company for an addition to the cell tower.

9.    Completed the year staying within budget.


Membership Committee (Sherrie Cottrell, Von Evitts, Jerry and Shirley McDaniel and Shirley Odegaard) -- The attendees reviewed and accepted as it is in the attached document.  It was agreed that inactive members can be removed in the second year of appearing on the list as opposed to the 3 years discussed in the attached document.  There was a moment of silence in memory of Jean Patterson.


Leadership Development Report -- The attendees reviewed the report as in the attached document.  It was accepted.  Prayer was asked for the Stewardship Committee as it maybe losing some members.  Marianne also said that she would provide an update to the listing for Youth Council to Donna in the church office.  Bill reported that he is working with Carolyn to identify folks with their gifts.  We are trying to use a person with a human resources background to come up with a process to fill these leadership positions.  There was then a prayer of dedication and reference that positions will be filled.


Stewardship and Finance Report (Committee members – Fred Utne, John Machonis, Jr., Alan Theile, Ellen Kobylewski, Harry Schlinker) -- The attendees reviewed the report as in the attached document including the budget for 2007 for which there are several open questions at this time.  The committee stated that they rely on 100% of pledges to be honored and that there will most likely be a need for a choir director for 6:33. 


Apportionment Update – John Machonis reported that Our Redeemers is up to date with its 2006 conference apportionment.


Youth Council Report -- The attendees reviewed the report as in the attached document as Marianne provided more detail.  See mentioned the small group leaders, the new group for 4th to 6th graders, as well as the 30 Hour Famine accomplishments and activities.


PastorŐs Report -- The attendees reviewed the report as in the attached document.  Pastor Bill then shared a DVD that we could potentially refine and be used as an evangelism tool. 


Fruit Producing Strategies The information was shared as in the attached document with the attendees.  Detailed presented by Rich and Sherrie.

Natural Church Development (NCD):   See report in attached document. 


Rev. Darneather Murph-Heath commended us for being apart of that effort. 


The meeting was concluded with a prayer by Rev. Darneather Murph-Heath.


Next Ad Council Meeting will be held on January 18th at 7:15 p.m.


Minutes respectfully submitted by Cathy Mottar.