Administrative Council Meeting Minutes


April 20, 2006


PRESENT:  Rich Hill, Sherrie Cottrell, Nona Schlinker, Bruce Bedingfield, JoAnne Gregorash, John Machonis, Karen Moore, Marshall Nystrom, Jerry McDaniel, Marianne Rogenski,  Pastor Bill Shaw, Amy Johnson, Jill Wood-Naatz, MikeWojtal and Cathy Mottar.



Š      Opening Prayer - The meeting opened at 7:16p.m. With a prayer given by Pastor Bill. 

Š      Devotion - Bruce provided the devotion for the meeting.  A reading from Herb Miller which refers to Jesus’ core values (help people grow spiritually with God -Fellowship, Prayer, Love your neighbor, and help spread the word beyond our walls.)   Marianne volunteered to give the May devotional.



Š      Introductions - Rich had everyone introduce themselves and state the name of the committee they represent.

Š      Approval of March 16th Minutes - Jill made the motion to approve the March 16th, 2006, minutes as written, Nona seconded and the motion passed unanimously.


Huddle (Business of the Church)