Administrative Council Meeting Minutes


May 25, 2006


PRESENT:  Rich Hill, Nona Schlinker, John Machonis, Karen Moore, Marshall Nystrom, Jerry McDaniel, Shirley McDaniel, Bev Wilkes, Marianne Rogenski, Jenna Nystrom, Stephanie Penev, Missy Gerga, Amy Johnson, Jean Homeyer, Jill Wood-Naatz, Don Wiebel, and Cathy Mottar.



á      Opening Prayer - The meeting opened at 7:16p.m. with a prayer given by Nona Schlinker . 

á      Devotion – Stephanie Penev provided the devotional .   Nona Schlinker volunteered to give the June devotional.



á      Introductions - Rich had everyone introduce themselves and state the name of the committee they represent.

á      Approval of April 20th Meeting Minutes - John made the motion to approve the April 20th, 2006, minutes with changes as noted (proper spelling of Meneely and the word committee to church in Evangelism report),   Marshall seconded and the motion passed unanimously.


Huddle (Business of the Church)