January 20, 2007


PRESENT:  Pastor Bill, Bruce Bedingfield, Amy Johnson, JoAnne Gregorash, Marshall Nystrom, Dann Gire, Linda Nordli, Mike Wojtal, Fred Utne,  Jill Wood-Naatz, Nona Schlinker, Rich Hill, Sherrie Cottrell


OPENING:  Pastor Bill opened the meeting with a prayer.  Amy Johnson gave the devotions.  How to get to Jesus – People get to him by going in different directions,  no way is the wrong way, the end result is the same.  She reminded us that we need to know where people are at so we can help to direct them to Jesus.

Next month Bruce volunteered to do the devotion.


ADMINISTRATION:  Introductions and Approval of November 9, 2006 Charge Conference meeting minutes.  Bruce made the motion to approve the minutes with the correction of a typo on the last page (the word apart should be a part) JoAnne seconded it and it was approved unanimously.


HUDDLE (Business of the Church)

2007 Budget:  Fred Utne reported that Our Redeemers (O/R) had a positive year with the end result being $4,000.00 to the good.  O/R had a very good December resulting in the Congregation Gifts & Tithes being a minus 7%.

Fred submitted the proposed 2007 Budget (attached).  Fred made the motion to approve the budget as presented and Bruce seconded and it was approved unanimously.

3rd Church Service:  6:33 – Marshall reported that their goal is to get a Music Director.  They also want to get vocalists.  This is a conceptual time for ideas for the service, perhaps a series of sermons.  They will be doing the communion service at Devonshire to gain experience.  The next meeting is Feb 13th.

Natural Church Development (NCD): Sherrie reported (see attached update along with the Event Planning Guide).

Narthex update: Jill showed the plans for the narthex noting that the 1st alcove would be the welcome center and the 2nd alcove would be for announcements and ongoing caring ministries.  They both would have counter sections that would be moveable.  There will be nice backboards for the current posters for advertising and clipboards for sign ups.  There will be a special area behind doors for the Food Pantry collection and the Crisis Center and a waste basket.  The youth will have a special area around the corner.  The committee has asked the Memorial committee for $10,000.00 to fund this project.   After some discussion Nona made the motion to proceed with approval of the Trustees, JoAnne seconded it and it was approved unanimously.

Fred Utne asked about other projects that may rank in priority for using the Memorial Funds money.  He thinks there may be some conflicts and so at the next Ad Council meeting we are asking any or all committees to submit their WISH lists.


Web Page & Calendar Review:  Pastor Bill reported that there was some confusion about several meetings in the month of January.  We should NOT depend on Pastor Bill to schedule meeting dates,  each committee MUST give the information to the church secretary to get the information correct on the calendar.  He passed around a clipboard for each committee to list their committee chairmen.  He also reminded each committee to submit their committee meeting minutes to the office to be filed.

Newsletter deadline is today.


New Business: Dann Gire came to the Ad Council with an idea of a Fund Raising event using movie memorabilia that he has collected over many years.  He is willing to donate his collection and his time to describe what he has in order to be able to sell/auction/e-bay to raise money to be used by Our Redeemers.  He brought a box of memorabilia to show us what he was talking about. (Much excitement was generated and a lot of time was used discussing this adventure, consequently not all committee reports were given)

It was decided that we would accept DannÕs offer and Pastor Bill and Carolyn would put together a team to inventory, decide how to sell, &  where the money would go.  Dann is going to put together an article for the newsletter.


Dann also is willing to do a movie discussion night about prejudice in movies.



PastorÕs report:  No report.


Director of Discipleship: She has met with the Evangelism committee and went over all the work that they do on a regular basis.  The letter that is written for delivery to the neighbors that was done for Christmas will be done again for Easter. 


Committee reports:

WTTF: Marshall reported that the website is going thru a resurrection, to make it look more professional.  (Bart Marmorstone is in charge of this). He is always looking for more input.  The sermons are now on line, audio only and can be loaded to an ipod.   They are trying to get more people involved in manning the computer for the screens in the sanctuary.

FINANCE:  Already reported – see above.


STAFF PARISH:  Next meeting will be Feb 1st.  They have 2 new members and 3 are retiring from the committee.  They will be doing Staff evaluations and Safe Sanctuaries.

MICAH MINISTRIES:  The Heifer project went very well and our church earned the gift of an Ark, which is over $5,000.00 in contribution.  They are deciding on a Lenten study and will want to contribute to the 30 Hour Famine.  Jill has volunteered to work with Chris Pearson at the District level to promote/help the hungry.   

CARING MINISTRIES:  Bruce reported that they are using the tithe from the Sprint Income to help the church to become a Rainbow Covenant giving church.  One half of the tithe goes to the Richard ValesÕ ministry.  (See report attached). He expressed that having the Sprint income is a Blessing for our church.  Sprint also has been very good at continuing to try to fix the leak.



o   Final budget numbers show $9,755.00 under budgeted allowance for 2006.

o  Maintenance work to be completed at the parsonage by spring.

o  Reviewing information from T-Mobile – they want to rent some cell tower space.  Still moving forward but have questions about landscaping.  A representative is scheduled to come.  The rent would be approximately $600.00 per month.

o  Hand rails have been added to the menÕs and womenÕs bathrooms.


UMW: The theme for 2007 is ÒEmbracing Women & ChildrenÓ.  The Jan. 20th meeting will be the annual Pledge service and a pillow service project for Christian Corners.  The annual rummage sale will be May 11 & 12th.  Last year we were able to donate over $4,000.00 to various charities due to the success of the rummage sale.

UMM: Habitat for Humanity is Jan. 27th.  The last time they went they had a very nice turn out of 15, and 6 attended the Advent meeting at which time they undecorated the church.  Spagetti Dinner is Feb. 4th.  Free tickets are available to you to invite your neighbors or friends.  (See Marshall)

EVANGELISM:  See Director of DiscipleshipÕs report.

EDUCATION:  No report

MUSIC: A special hymn service is being planned for Jan. 28th.  It will feature the work of Charles Wesley whose writing greatly influenced Methodist song tradition.  

WORSHIP: No report.






YOUTH: The 30 Hour Famine is coming soon.  February 23-24 with Famine Sunday being Feb 25th.  They need help!  They would love for the congregation to be even more involved this year than any previous year.  You could chaperone part of the weekend, be a prayer partner, donate water or 100% fruit juice, or sponsor a participant.  See the posters in the narthex or ask a youth council member.  They will be using the WHOLE church from

6 p.m. Friday until 10 p.m Saturday, so if your committee has something in the church that weekend, please let them know.   

LAY LEADER:  No report


FAMILY MINISTRY: Friday Night Flicks will be on Jan. 26th the film is Hood-winked, an animated film about Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf.  This is a family event and at least one parent is expected to attend with their children.


o  A teacher resigned without prior notice, they will place an ad in the Herald to find a replacement.

o  They passed a surprise inspection from the Schaumburg Fire Dept.

o  They are updating forms & checking files for the Cook County health department.


There will be a Unity Service Tuesday Jan. 23rd.  It will be worth attending. 

Monday Jan. 29th 7:00 p.m. Dr. Aafif will be speaking about the History of Islam in the Middle East.


Pastor Bill thanked us for our prayers and support for him and his family as they grieve the loss of his mother, Jennie Mae.


The meeting was adjourned with a prayer by Pastor Bill.


                           NEXT MEETING – Feb.  15th - 7:15 p.m.


Respectfully submitted by Sherrie Cottrell