February 15, 2007


PRESENT: Rich Hill, Pastor Bill, Amy Johnson, JoAnne Gregorash, Marshall Nystrom, Jill Wood-Naatz, Bruce Bedingfield, Steve Miller, Carolyn Meneely, Fred Utne, Jean Homeyer and Cathy Mottar.


OPENING Prayer and Devotions:

Opening Prayer given by JoAnne Gregorash.

Devotions:  Dr. Bruce Bedingfield gave the devotion about our blessings.  JoAnne Gregorash and Jill Wood-Naatz will provide the March and April devotions, respectively.


ADMINISTRATION:  Introductions and Approval of January, 2007 minutes.  Jill noted there should be an adjustment to the January minutes to reflect that her work is being done at the conference level not just focused on the hungry.  JoAnne made the motion to approve the minutes as corrected and Fred seconded the motion.


HUDDLE (Business of the Church)


Fund Raiser – Movie memorabilia update:  The members of this task force are: Dann Gire, Pastor Bill, Carolyn Meneely, Tristan Almazan, Laura Ziebell, Billy Esposito, Amy Johnson, Sherrie Cottrell, and Michele Hill.  They are planning to inventory the memorabilia on Saturday.  This task force will decide how to sell, &  where the money would go. 


Third Church Service:  Cathy reported on behalf of Marianne reporting that the committee was supposed to meet Tuesday, but due to the snow the meeting has been postponed to Tuesday, the 20th. A few members of the team traveled to Crystal Lake United Methodist Church to see their Crossroads service. Even though it was not exactly what we would like to do, we did come away with some ideas and it was good to go. The Famine Sunday will be one of our pilot services although it will still be a more traditional service format since it is Sunday morning. We are going to try evening pilot services in May and August.


Natural Church Development (NCD): Carolyn reported that the movie night of “HoodWinked” was a success with about 60 attendees and on the Monday evening was the first in the diversity series on Fear & Faith given by Dr. Mohamed Aafif was also successful with about 15 families registering at the service.  There was a lot of word of mouth type publicity, which was a good beginning.  The team also did an analysis of the various means by which attendees became aware of the activities.  The team’s next meeting is next Tuesday.  
Currently there are 2 more diversity presentations planned: 1) Dann Gire on Diversity in film – Tuesday March 13th at 7p.m. and 2) Diep Nguyen Tuesday, April 24th


Web Page & Calendar Review:  Rich asked that everyone put their committee meetings on the calendar and that the calendar updates are due.  Rich passed around a list to have everyone add their planned meetings to the list so it can be added to the calendar.  The web page is making good progress, the sermons are out there.  Still waiting for content from the committees, the WTTF is willing to help committee members.  If anyone has any questions, please contact Steve Miller on the committee.  Steve said that we should have our web address on all our printed material to help with the culture change.


New Business

Committee Wish Lists:  This list should be a “living” document.  It was recommended that basic painting of Wesley Hall be done at a cost of approximately $3,000 - $6,000.  Also Steve will provide a list from the Technology Team.  The current list will be taken to a vote in next month’s administration council meeting.



Pastor’s report:  Monday night’s meetings in March will focus on The Power of Forgiveness.



WTTF:  Steve reported that there was an expenditure of $110 for a new power supply.  There have been volunteers to help with the services.  Steve will be training his first volunteer tomorrow evening.

NARTHEX:  Jill reported the committee met Monday evening with Jeff Oster to do the electrical work.  Then meet with Marshall to add a screen which will also require outlets.  They met with a carpenter for advice and quote on building, so they are waiting for his proposal.  They are thinking about enclosing the area below the usher stand.  The work could be done by the carpenter offsite and the installation would be done in 2 days; thereby, reducing the time the Narthex would be underconstruction.

FINANCE: Fred reported that giving is up 9% (See attached report).  Congregational giving and tithes are running 13% below budget and expenses are running 14% below budget.

STAFF PARISH:  Met Feb 1st and their next meeting is scheduled for Feb 22nd.  They have also added 2 new committee members.  There has been a subcommittee established to review the churches’ responsibility to provide a safe environment for its children. (The Risk Management Policy)

MICAH MINISTRIES:  Their committee meeting was snowed out on Tuesday.  However,they did met on Feb 5th.  The committee will be hosting a Lenten Study on Holy Word and Holy Work, which is a series sanctioned by the conference on Tuesday evenings,  March 6th – 27th  from 7:30 – 9:00P.M.  The committee will also be supporting the 30 hour Famine with a letter writing campaign on hunger.  Bruce to provide graphics to Steve to be published on the website about being a Rainbow Covenent Church.


TRUSTEES: Jill reported that the committee has not yet met this month.

NOMINATIONS:  Carolyn reported that they met and discussed which committees have vacancies and they are in the process of filling those opportunities.

UMW:  The next meeting will be held on Saturday, Feb 17th – the Program is SHINE/SHINE/SHINE by Annette Brown.  We are collecting school supplies for the Community Crisis Center in Elgin as our service project.  We are touring the Crisis center in March and will deliver the supplies at that time.

UMM:  Marshall Nystrom reported that the spaghetti dinner was a success and made $400.  The men will be selling pizzas in April, they are going back to the regular crust.  They are asking for feedback from the community on the product.  Habitat has been rescheduled from Feb 24th to March 3rd due to the 30 Hour Famine.  The March 24th Habitat has been cancelled due to spring break.  The plans are set for Conference Point on October 26th and 27th.

EVANGELISM:  Carolyn reported the committee has met and will be meeting on Feb 19th to discuss the Easter Service.

EDUCATION:  Amy Johnson reported the Education Committee has moved it’s meetings to the last Tuesday of the month from 6:45pm to 7:30 pm.  They are examining different options for handling Sunday school in March to insure they have coverage over Spring Break weekends – no decision yet.  There have been volunteers to coordination vacation bible school.  The committee will be looking for the same amount of support as this last year.  Pastor Bill has asked for a meeting very soon to discuss, the date will be set in the next meeting on Feb. 27th.  They are still thinking about ideas for Palm Sunday as well, Amy and Bill to discuss.

MUSIC/WORSHIP:  Jill reported that she prepared a new resolution to adopt a global aids fund, which was originally defined in 2004.  Goal $1 per church member with that giving being shared 25% in our conference to assist with local needs and the remaining 75% to the treasury in Washington D.C. to be used globally.  Bill will do a special communication to the congregation with regard to the special donation.  Bill made a motion to make a financial designation of offerings for aids of 10% of the Easter envelope offering of which $1 or more will be given to this purpose.

YOUTH:   Cathy reported on behalf of Marianne that the committee is getting ready for the 30 Hour Famine which is the 23rd-24th of this month. Famine Sunday will be the 25th. We are doing great as far as volunteers and donations go, but still need some prayer partners. This involves getting the student 3 short notes (one Friday night, one early Saturday, one at the breaking of the fast) and being at the breaking of the fast. If you need to get the notes to Marianne ahead of time that is fine. There will be a basket out on the bench in front of the doors so they can also be dropped off.

LAY LEADER:  No report.

MEMORIAL COMMITTEE:  Jean reported that Melinda Taylor has revamped the budget.  All committees were asked to fill out a form before any monies are received.  There is currently $19,000 in the fund.  Before any monies are dispursed the family will be consulted and approve the expenditure.  This procedure is not required for undesignated funds.





The meeting was adjourned with a prayer by Pastor Bill at 8:55p.m.


Next Ad Council Meeting will be March 15th at  7:15 p.m.


Respectfully submitted by Cathy Mottar