Ad Council Minutes

March 16, 2006


Sherrie Cottrell, Rich Hill, Amy Johnson, Fred Utne, JoAnne Gregorash, Nona Schlinker, Jill Wood-Naatz, Shirley McDaniel, Marianne Rogenski, Bruce Bedingfield, Glen Hollingsworth, Marshall Nystrom, Steve Miller and Jerry McDaniel



Sherrie opened with prayer. Amy gave the devotions.



Everyone introduced themselves.

The minutes were corrected (Rich was not present last month) and approved on a motion by Jill, second by Steve.



Natural Church Development

Sherrie reported that many people volunteered to take the NCD survey. 30 people were chosen to represent both male and female and those with low, medium and high number of years attending Our Redeemer’s.

They will complete the survey March 19. Results will be sent to the conference for tabulation. A coach will be assigned from the conference to work with us to help strengthen our weak points. No date has been determined for the results to be available, but probably we will not take additional action until summer.


Review of Goals

After discussing postponing the goal review due to some missing committees we decided to include goal review for a few committees at each meeting. Finance, Caring Ministries and Worship reviewed their goals at this meeting. Stewardship, Trustees, Youth and Pre-School will be asked to review their goals at the April meeting.


Finance has reviewed their goals internally. They feel they are meeting their goal of keeping the congregation informed via the newsletter. They have a new Financial Secretary. They will be looking at new financial software, but probably not until later this year. They may add new goals for financial management and budgeting.

Caring Ministries

They had a goal to get everyone in the congregation to be involved in 1 Caring Ministry, but believe now that that is not a realistic goal since many people support ministries outside the church.


They have incorporated new fabric decorations in the sanctuary and are looking at new ways to do scripture. They have added Shelomi Gomes to the Worship Committee and look forward to including more drama in worship. The addition of Shelomi also met another goal to include a member who is not also on the Music Committee.


Worship Technology – Web Page

Marshall and Steve displayed the existing website and new website layout developed by Bart Marmorstone. The goal of the new layout is to make the website look cleaner and easier to use. The objective is to make information available for our own internal use and to attract the outsider who is looking for a church home.

It is imperative to keep the website data current. Each committee needs to review the website and update their information on a regular basis. Jerry asked that each committee include on every meeting agenda a review of the calendar, website and newsletter needs for their committee. Jerry will provide copies of the website pages to each committee.

We suggested that the website address ( be included on the Sunday video display and the outside sign. Jerry will include a newsletter article about the new website.



Jerry passed around the calendar for the next couple of years for review and update.



Pastor’s Report

Pastor Bill was away. His report is attached.


Committee Reports

Worship Technology Task Force

Steve said that we have lots of volunteers to work on the video system. We need to develop documentation and then have one-on-one training.

Glen presented a survey of the video system that we would like to use with the congregation. The Ad Council filled out the survey as a test case. Jill and the Worship Committee will decide when to run the survey in the congregation.

Steve discussed the problem with the two projectors getting ‘out of sync’. One projector occasionally fails to respond to a command from the booth. Then, for example, one screen shows the image and the other does not. In that case it is necessary to go out into the Sanctuary and walk around until you find a spot where only one projector responds to a command and they are back ‘in sync’. The vendor has been notified of the problem.



The finance report showed congregational giving down by 19% through February. We discussed the concern and decided not to raise the issue with the congregation at this time.

NOTE –At the March 21 Finance meeting an error was discovered. The actual giving was raised to approximately $51,000 or about 8% low. The corrected report is attached.



No report



No Trustees present, but Jerry reported that we had received a quote for a new phone system. Jim Naatz had asked Jerry to get a quote from a second vendor. That is scheduled for March 20. The first quote was for $2300. We discussed the immediate need for a replacement for our existing noisy system. JoAnne moved and Bruce seconded that we authorize the Trustees spend up to $2500 and to select the best system for our needs. Motion approved. Trustees will meet on March 21.


Staff Parish

No report



Included in Pastor Bill’s report.



Sherrie reported that UMW is trying an evening Circle meeting. So far attendance has been low. They may drop the meeting unless attendance picks up.

Their Saturday meeting theme has been The Year of the World. Presentations have been well received.

Planning on the kitchen renovation project continues. Plans and prices have been received. More input is coming.

The Rummage Sale is May 5-6. Start cleaning out your closets.



Marshall reported 9 men attended the District Lenten meeting at Our Savior’s. The district is planning a UMM Chorale concert for the Society of St Andrew on May 7, 3:00 p.m. at Villa Park. Marshall is recruiting the men and the Sounds of Grace to perform. An offering will go to the SOSA.



Shirley reported that new members will be received March 26. People from 6 families attended Pizza with the Pastor March 5.

Bruce will write an Easter invitation letter to be delivered to various neighborhoods before Holy Week. Volunteers will be needed to deliver letters.

Shirley also asked people to please remember to wear your nametags in church.



Education is planning to expand summer Sunday School to cover children going into 2nd grade. They hope to include more kid-oriented music and a children’s sermon in summer worship.

Sunday School during spring break will have movie days.

Planning continues on Vacation Bible School for evenings July 10-13. Many supplies are in place. Want ads are in the newsletter for helpers. They are looking into the possible of providing supper before the class session. Also looking at having a petting zoo at VBS.


Worship & Music

The Worship report is attached. In addition Jill discussed the new worship schedule: that is - greeting and announcements and then the prelude. The use of the video system has been good so far and they are looking for additional usage. Perhaps scripture could be displayed on the screen during the prelude.

More ushers are need for the second service.

Some discussion is needed for a third service. We need to attract the 20+ age group that is missing.



Marianne reported that we belong to the Willow Creek “store”. We can buy material available on at a reduced price. Donna has our account number if you find something you need.

Thanks to all who helped with or sponsored the 30-Hour Famine. 28 kids participated. To date, 21 have turned the pledge money in for a total of $3084.50 – the most ever.

The Voices of Light perform their show, Wonders, March 19 at 7:00 p.m. Donations will go toward ASP.

We are planning to take 10 youth to Louisiana July 16-22. The organization is not at all like ASP. We will be very much on our own in terms of food and shelter. The cost will be much less, however, perhaps $2000. We are concerned about how to ask without impacting on the ASP giving.


Lay Leaders

Four additional committees will be presented to the congregation after Easter.


Caring Ministries

Bruce reported that we have an updated Caring Ministries brochure. A Caring Ministries article is ready for the newsletter.

The Narthex Task Force is working toward a June project to raise the awareness of the Caring Ministries.


Micah Ministry

The Lenten Book Study is under way. A speaker from Church World Service is scheduled for April 18 and one from Bread for the World is scheduled for May.


Family Ministry

Amy is looking into offering family movie nights. A video permit would be required at a cost of $180 per year to cover videos from 24 distributors.



Nona reported we have 27 children. Two teachers are out. One new hire has been on the job for 2 days.



The camping planning meeting and potluck will be March 19, 5:00 p.m.


Next meeting April 20, 7:15 p.m.