April 19, 2007


PRESENT: Rich Hill, Sherrie Cottrell, John Machonis, Jill Wood-Naatz, Carolyn Meneely, Jim Naatz, Bruce Bedingfield, Gwen Greenwald, Steve Miller, Marshall Nystrom, and Cathy Mottar.


OPENING Prayer and Devotions:

Opening Prayer given by Sherrie Cottrell at 7:19p.m.

Devotions:  Jill Wood-Naatz gave the devotion by reading a letter from our Bishop on the National Tragedy at Virginia Tech.  She also provided a few words from an article in the church reporter that we should not feel guilty about not forwarding spam emails.    JoAnne Gregorash will provide the May devotion.


ADMINISTRATION:  Introductions and Approval of March, 2007 minutes.  Carolyn made the motion to approve the minutes as written and Marshall seconded the motion.


HUDDLE (Business of the Church)


Fund Raiser – Movie memorabilia update:  Carolyn stated that the committee had a meeting on April 12th to determine the selling strategy.  They are targeting to have the auction in November to be right before the Christmas season.  They would like to focus on 3 – 4 charities (local, United Methodist and Global charities).   They believe they will have a portion of the auction on site and another on-line (maybe a preview for bidding on-line.)  They will need help from the WTTF for this project. 


Third Church Service 6:33:  Marshall gave the update that the April 7th 6:33pm service based on an email from Marianne.  The 6:33 Easter Celebration on April 7 was great.  110 people were in attendance, the band was awesome, the service went well.
There are gatherings planned through November 25.  The first series will be
the G5 series which will introduce people to the Matthew 6:33 verse that the
service is named for.  That will be 11 weeks and begin on September 9.  On
November 25, there will be a Thanksgiving Feast and Celebration complete with
a Thanksgiving meal.
The committee does not have another meeting scheduled as a whole team as they are trying to operate with minimal meetings.  They are communicating through email primarily and some phone calls.
They would like to have the third "pilot service" in the summer and are
working on a couple of different ideas for that.

Natural Church Development (NCD): Carolyn reported that the committee met on April 10th and reviewed the Easter Holy Week.  They were encouraged by the attendance at all services that week.   The next diversity presentation is planned for Diep Nguyen to discuss immigration on Tuesday, April 24th .

They are thinking about the next series after diversity is complete.  The next family ministry event is vacation bible school this summer.


Planning to re-survey before Memorial Day to determine if our church needs have changed or any progress has been made in the area of needs based evangelism.  There will be 30 people requested to complete the survey.


NARTHEX:  Jill reported the committee has selected the carpenter and other contractors.  They have changed the scope to enclose the usher supplies.  Total estimate is $15,000.  The trustees and finance committees are in agreement with the plans.  The project will be funded by Memorial Committee and the Oster and Evitts Families.  They are planning to get this done in July, which is after vacation bible school.


Web Page & Calendar Review:  Sherrie requested any changes to the current and future calendars.  The annual web site fee of $133 has been paid for.  We also received feedback that someone found our church via the web site.  They are still looking for additional content from the committees.  The look of the site has been updated, thanks to Bart Marmastone.



Pastor’s Report:  Sherrie shared that Pastor Bill will be changing his sermon on Sunday to be on the Virginia Tech tragedy.  He did have a concern about having the Crop for a Cause being scheduled 2 weeks before Easter next year on March 8th.  The discussion was that this is a good witness program and the group makes sure that the sanctuary gets set up appropriately for the Sunday services.  There was an issue due to the extra refuge; however, that can be resolved by bringing in another dumpster.  There was another concern about the number of people should not exceed the set maximum.  Laura Machonis needs to finalize the date for the Crop for a Cause with Fred Felski or Lee Gac this week, so she can announce the location and date for her meeting with the Daily Herald next week.


Director of Discipleship’s (DOD) Report:  Carolyn reported that the Evangelism Committee sponsored Easter with the invitation bags.  They gave away approximately 50 bags.  Then they used the remaining 30 bags for visitors during the Holy Week Service. They also hand delivered letters and had media publicity about all the services.  There was very good attendance at the services and not sure of the impact based on this ministry.  They are planning “Pizza with the Pastor” on April 22 and “Munching with the Ministries” aka committees on April 29th after the church services.  Carolyn requested members from the committees be in attendance at the “Munching with the Ministries.”


Youth Director Report:  
The sunrise service was put on by the 8th graders and sr. high youth.  Eight youth attended the lock-in and Ember Days members that were not able to stay over night; however, they came back in the morning for the service.
Our only major event coming up will be graduate recognition on May 20.  
This is for sr. high and college graduates.  We will recognize them during the 10:30am service and then provide a lunch afterward in Wesley Hall (Marianne has requested the space from the trustees.  She should have put a form in their box on the April 19th.)   It was noted in the meeting that this is also the Pentecost Potluck.  Marianne needs to follow up with Pastor Bill to resolve this conflict.  As a gift, the graduates will receive jars with quotes again like last year because of the positive feedback received last year.
They will be wrapping up the formal school year program in May and will do a few things in the summer.
They are looking forward to the fall and figuring out how the youth program
and 6:33 worship gatherings will work hand in hand on Sunday nights.
Our final number right now for the ASP team is 45 volunteers.  They 
will be at Wesley Woods for a retreat May 18-19 and then the trip is June 9-16.
The New Orleans team is at about 15 members right now with the trip 
ocurring July 14-22.


WTTF:  Marshall reported that they have a wish list that is almost complete.

FINANCE: John reported that Congregational giving and tithes has been going up each week.  They are quite encouraged at this time. 


MICAH MINISTRIES:  Bruce reported that the book study met and was successful.  This month will not be a meeting as they will attend Diep Nguyen’s discuss about immigration on Tuesday, April 24th    Next meeting will be May 29th. There will be a garden planted for the feeding of the hungry. 


TRUSTEES: Jim reported that the leak above alter is believed to be fixed and was paid for by Sprint.  The telephone contract with AT&T for phone service has been extended at our current rate through June, 2009.  The internet speed was increased from 384k to 1.5 mg for $3 more a month.  The ALL CHURCH CLEANUP is scheduled for April 28th.

NOMINATIONS:  No report.

UMW:  The next meeting will be held this Saturday, March 17th – They will have the President of Child Serv presenting and they will be providing several baby quilts compliments of Mary Illg father’s nursing home.

UMM:  Marshall Nystrom reported that the men are selling pizzas now and they are going back to the regular crust for delivery on May 6th.  On April 29th, they will be serving pizza between the services.  The New Life Bible study will be starting on Monday as follows:  4/23 Resurrection, 4/30 Evil, 5/7 God of the Old Testament, 5/14 Other Religions and 5/21 Evangelism & Tolerance.

EVANGELISM:  See DOD report above.

EDUCATION:  Gwen reported that May 6th is Teacher Appreciation Sunday and then May13th is the last day of Sunday school.  Then Summer Sunday School for 3 – 7 year olds is beginning in June.  The theme will be Galilee By the Sea and run during the evening, June 25th thru the 28th Vacation Bible School is scheduled.  They are looking for helpers.

MUSIC/WORSHIP:  Jill reported that the committee reviewed Lent and Holy Week.  Music Sunday will be May 20th, which is the formal end for the year.  There will be special music throughout the summer.  Pentecost begins on May 27th, which was the beginning of our church.

LAY LEADER:  No report. 


CARING MINISTRIES:  Bruce reported that all individual ministries are doing great.

FAMILY MINISTRY:  Gwen reported that she and Jeff will be leading up this effort to get activities scheduled for families to meet and to do things together.  She and Jeff sent a list to Pastor Bill today, like going fishing or attending concerts.  Gwen suggested that the Annual Picnic should be moved up so the college students can attend.  She said that she would chair the event and the committee agreed to July 29th.

CHRISTIAN CORNER:  Jim reported that there have been tremendous amounts of improvements, so people should stop by and take a look.  Enrollment is running well at this time, we are not full at this time.


Recommendation made to the committees to stop sending meeting notifications via postcards and utilize email when possible.


The meeting was adjourned with a prayer by at 8:50 p.m.


Next Ad Council Meeting will be May 17th at 7:15 p.m.


Respectfully submitted by Cathy Mottar