August 17, 2006


PRESENT: Bruce Bedingfield, John Machonis, Marianne Rogenski, Pastor Bill, Steve Miller, Jim Naatz, Jill Wood-Naatz, Nona Schlinker, Rich Hill, Sherrie Cottrell


OPENING:  Nona Schlinker gave devotions, talking about divisions within the church.  It is ok to disagree with one another, after all we all do not have the same view point.  Sometime we hear what we want to hear, not what Jesus would want us to hear.  She ended with a prayer.


ADMINISTRATION:  Introductions and Approval of June 22, 2006 minutes.  Bruce made the motion to approve the minutes with the correction under Finance that the Congregational giving remains 10% below budget (not 70%).  Nona seconded it and it was approved unanimously.  It was suggested that Sherrie would add the link to the website when she sends out the Agenda, so everyone would remember to review the minutes before the meeting.  We will not be making copies available at the meeting any more.


HUDDLE (Business of the Church)

3rd Church Service:  Marianne reported that this will begin September 2007.  They will be starting a Youth Band, recruiting is now beginning.  The service will be called 633.  Reference being made to Matt: 6- Verse 33.  Jill thought it would be nice to start in June when the College Kids are at home.

Natural Church Development (NCD): Sherrie reported that they had their first meeting, they learned a lot about Jim ZimmermanŐs church and they celebrated all the wonderful things that are happening at Our Redeemers.  The homework is to be thinking about our own needs and the needs of people in our area; and to identify people within our congregation that have the gift of Evangelism.  They are planning on putting together a DVD about O/R.  The next meeting is scheduled for August 22.

Narthex update: The team has visited more churches to get some ideas and will be getting a proposal together soon.  Steve offered the help of WTTF for updating the Narthex.

Review of Church Goals: Bruce asked about the Ad Council Goals.  Rich will contact Glenn Hollingsworth about past goals.  Arlene will be assigning someone to do our Charge Conference.  We will need our 2007 Goals ready for the October Meeting.



Web Page & Calendar Review:  Steve reported that several sections of the churchŐs Web site are not updated.  Steve suggested that each committee appoint 1 or 2 people to be in charge of keeping that committeeŐs information up to date.  Marshall will take care of the mechanics for updating the site but needs information from each committee.  Any MS Word, Excel, Adobe .pdf or electronic picture will work.  At a minimum, information prepared for the ORUMC Review can be used to update the website. 


Jim Naatz asked if it would be a good idea to put the churchŐs usage forms available on line.  It was agreed that including that information would be useful.  Jim will work with Marshall to include that information. 


Newsletter deadline is today.



PastorŐs report:  Pastor Bill feels we had an incredible summer!  Godspell;  ASP;  N.O; The Castaway Series.  He appreciates ShalomiŐs excellent help with the Castaway Series.  Pastor Bill reported that Staff Parish has one person to be interviewed for the Director of Discipleship.   Pastor Bill reported for Stewardship that Oct 29th is Consecration Sunday; Oct 19th is the Leadership Meeting & Ad Council;  Sept 25th Mark Higgins will be leading a class on stewardship;  Oct 2 there will be a class on Debt; Oct 16th there will be a class on Kingdom investing, Saving for our lives.  The October messages on will be on Stewardship.  He is hoping for 2 DVDŐs, one to celebrate our Church and one to recruit new members consistent with NCD.  Monday evening Bible Studies will be taught by Sarah Nauman, Marshall Nystrom & Ellen Kobylewski.  Pastor Bill reported that Nominations committee (namely Doug Meneely) is working on Job Discriptions for committee leaders.

Committee reports:


á      There is a problem with the podium microphone – as a work around, people should adjust the microphone closer to their mouths. 

á      Steve reported that they are considering blinds for the square windows in the sanctuary.

á      Work on fixing the synchronization of the two projectors is currently being worked through the vendor that installed the equipment.  The vendor will fix the problem providing that the church provide the scaffold.  Rental of the scaffolding will be coordinated with the trustees (see below). 

á      New Financial software for the church is also under consideration. 

á      Lastly, Steve submitted copies of the WTTF Minutes from 7/27/06.


á      John reported that giving is down 8% (See report).  They will include information concerning giving in the Newsletter. 

á      Committees need fill out worksheets for 2007 requesting money for next yearŐs budget.

á      The committee is looking to reduce the number of funding categories that are individually tracked and may consider turning some of the money over to the appropriate committees.

STAFF PARISH:  See Pastor BillŐs report.

MICAH MINISTRIES:  Bruce says the next meeting is Aug. 29.  They will be working on a mission statement, focusing on one idea.

STEWARDSHIP:  See Pastor BillŐs report.


á      Exit & emergency lights checked, new bulbs & backup batteries installed

á      All exterior doors checked & adjusted. 

á      Phone system now has caller ID.

á      In process of updating insurance liability releases from outside groups that use the church.

á      Discussed an idea from Shirly Odegaard to install a pop machine in the church and for a number of reasons decided against it.  Bruce suggested that they let Shirley Odegaard know as a courtesy.

á      Trustees are working with the WTTF to rewire the center fan in the sanctuary, because they will share the rental of the scaffolding.

á      A water leak above the altar is likely due to ineffective caulk around window and plans are being made to recaulk.

á      They also want to remind us that church usage forms need to be submitted for use of the church facilities.

NOMINATIONS:  See Pastor BillŐs report.

UMW:  September 16th meeting is on RUSSIA.


á      Spiritual Congress is Sept 15 – 16 at Conference Point.

á      MenŐs Retreat Oct 27 – 28 also at Conference Point

á      Still trying to find a location to help with Habitat for Humanity.

EVANGELISM:  No report

EDUCATION:  No report

MUSIC:  Sherrie read Karen MooreŐs report. 

á      Thank you to the youth & adults who gave their time & talent as they provided music for the summer services. 

á      Choirs will begin September rehearsal as follows:  Cherub & Joyful Noise – Tuesday, Sept 5; Chancel Choir – Wednesday Sept 6; Sounds of Grace – Tuesday, Sept 12; Chancel Chimes – Wednesday, Sept 13.

á      The music committee is sponsoring a choral workshop on Saturday, Sept 16 from 8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  The clinician will be Scott Foss, an editor with Ward-Brodt Music and Publisher & Director of Music at the 1st United Methodist Church in Madison, Wis.  All interested youth & adults are encouraged to attend.


á      Jill reported that after taking the survey there will be some subtle changes in the 3rd of the month services. 

á      There will be dramas at the 3rd service in the fall.

á      The summer Castaway series was good. 

á      On Sept 10th the N. Orleans group will share their experiences;

á      On Sept 17 – the theme is the  Prodigal Son and is Confirmation Sunday

á      On Oct. 8 Dan Meyer will be preaching. 

á      Broadcasting the sermon idea was discussed but we are not ready for that yet.  Steve thinks it would be exciting but a lot of work.  In the near term, audio of the Sunday sermons are available on the website.


á      Voices of Light presented Godspell last week-end.

á      On Sept 10, the  Lousiana trip will be shared with the congregation.

á      Sr. High youth will have a new name this year – H20 (His 2 Own). 

á      One of the Sr. High activities for the fall is Sunday brunch once/month in place of that weekŐs evening meeting.

á      Confirmation classes and H2O start on Sept. 10.

LAY LEADER:  No report


CARING MINISTRIES:  Bruce would like to see a Caring Ministry highlighted in the narthex project.


CHRISTIAN CORNER:  Nona reported that their licenses need to be renewed.  They usually loose a lot of children in the fall of the year, but this year seems ok.  They have been having some staff turnover issues.


NEXT MEETING –Sept 21 -  7:15 p.m.  Steve Miller will be presenting a short list of projects or ideas that the WTTF would recommend for Our Redeemers.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 p.m. with a prayer by Pastor Bill.