September 21, 2006


PRESENT: Sherrie Cottrell, Rich Hill, John Machonis, Pastor Bill, Marshall Nystrom, Nona Schlinker, JoAnne Gregorash, Nona Schlinker, Bev Wilkes, Mike Wojtal, Bruce Bedingfield, and Cathy Mottar.


OPENING Prayer and Devotions:

á      Opening Prayer given by Sherrie Cottrell

á      Devotions:  Marshall Nystrom gave the devotion about how a gentleman that he knew turned his life around.  Jesus was knocking and his friend opened the door and let Jesus into his life.  He referenced John BurkeŐs book No Perfect People Allowed and Christian SchwartzŐs book Paradigm Shift in the Church.  JoAnne will do devotions next month.


ADMINISTRATION:  Introductions and Approval of August 17, 2006 minutes.  Bruce made the motion and Nona seconded to approve the minutes with the change of the date of the prior minutes.


HUDDLE (Business of the Church)

3rd Church Service:  No Update.

Natural Church Development (NCD): Pastor Bill reported that they have been working a lot with Jim Zimmerman.  The minimum factor was Needs Based Evangelism and a few items that surfaced were the following:  (1) Youth of our community to feel welcome and safe and purpose and meaning, (2) Need for fellowship, (3) Fear and understanding during our times, (4) Families – dual career with over commitment, marital to work with those in our community.  More focused on 3 & 4 and how we can approach these needs in the community.  Rich asked if we canvassed the community to find out the direct need.  Rich suggested that we may want to get a marketing study and said that maybe Ian Rogenski could help and he would approach him on this.

Review of Committee Goals: Ad Council Goals will be put together by Rich, Sherrie and Pastor Bill.  We will need our 2007 Goals ready for the October Meeting.  Next Charge Conference is on November 9th.

Web Page & Calendar Review:  Sherrie reported that the calendar updates are due.  Sherrie reminded the group that anything they are to the newsletter could be added to the web page.  Marshall reported that the audio from the sermon will be put on the web later this year.

Newsletter deadline is today.


New Business

         -  Steve Miller – Ideas/Projects from WTTF  - Held over to next monthŐs meeting.

          -  Pastor Bill - Faith & Finance Class – Sept 25th

Different members of our church will discuss 3 basic financial topics over the next few weeks.  He wanted to encourage everyone to go.  The classes to be held on 9/25, 10/2 and 10/16.  We are hoping that this will help members with their stewardship.



PastorŐs report:  No report.


Committee reports:


á      Sherrie reported the committee will be meeting in October.  They do have some ideas that will be presented at Ad Council.


á      John reported that giving is down 10% (See report).  Now that summer and vacation time is over, the committee is hoping that members will catch up on their giving.  They will include the information concerning giving in the Newsletter. 

á      Committee heads should have received their budget forms for 2007 from Fred Utne.  They are due October 10th.

STAFF PARISH:  Pastor Bill reported that they have completed the process to hire the Director of Discipleship for October who is Carolyn Meneely.  She will be part of the message on October 1st.

MICAH MINISTRIES:  Bruce says the next meeting is September 26.  They will be supporting Crop Walk and Church World Service.  They are looking to Fair Exchange.  Bread for the World will be supported through a letter writing campaign.  They will put together a garden for the church to provide food for the community.  They will be working on these, focusing on one idea.

STEWARDSHIP:  Pastor BillŐs reported that October 29th is the Celebration Dinner.  If people want to pay for the dinner then they can, this is a celebration for the church.  October 19th there will be a Stewardship Leadership Dinner (pizza) at 6p.m. and then follow it up with Ad Board.  Families are invited to the dinner and you need to let the church know if you will be there.  He asked that everyone make an effort to be here for both events.  See more details in the newsletter.

TRUSTEES: Bev Wilkes reported:

á      Center ceiling fan is still having issues. 

á      All faucets have been fixed.

á      Parsonage tree is being taken care of, as well as a sink hole.

á      Saturday, April 28th, will be a clean up day around the church both inside and outside.  Everyone is welcome.

á      There are still leaks around the church that are being worked on.

á      Insurance is being looked at.  Anyone who wants to use the building has been spoken with about updating the insurance liability releases from outside groups.

NOMINATIONS:  No report.

UMW:  Sherrie Cottrel reported that they had 18 people at their first meeting with the program on RUSSIA.  Next meeting October 21st and they will be doing a service project.

UMM:  Marshall Nystrom reported:

á      Mark Higgins and Marshall Nystrom attended the Spirital Conference in September.

á      MenŐs Retreat Oct 27 – 28 also at Conference Point

á      Pizzas in November.

á      Habitat for Humanity is November 18th.

WTTF:  Marshall Nystrom reported they need to meet.

EVANGELISM:  Pastor Bill reported that there are about 5 -6 families joining the church.

EDUCATION:  Amy Johnson reported:

á      She needs a co-chair for the committee.  Nominations will set this up as a priority.

á      This Sunday is Bible Sunday for 3rd graders.

á      They are looking for a co-teacher for the 3rd grade.

á      The next meeting is in October.

MUSIC:  Sherrie read Karen MooreŐs report. 

á      The music committee sponsored the Choir Workshop on Saturday, Sept. 16th which was well attended and appreciated by those in attendance.  We are currently planning for the adult choirs Advent Service during worship on December 10th.  The childrenŐs program will be on December 17th during the morning worship.

WORSHIP:  No report.

YOUTH:  Cathy read MarianneŐs report. 

á      The youth programs are back in full swing--confirmation started on September 10 with many in attendance, last Sunday 17 freshmen were confirmed at the second service, and we have had 12-13 at the sr. high meetings the last two weeks (up from 2-3 last year)

á      The trustees have just approved the purchase of foosball and ping-pong tables which will be used for youth events and fellowship time.  They will be purchased in the next couple of weeks.  They will stay in Wesley Hall with the Foosball table covered and the ping-pong table folded up--all balls and paddles will be kept in Marianne's office to avoid them being used when they shouldn't be.  Marianne will make sure that the cleaning people know to place chalkboards in front of them so they are not a distraction for the preschool children or our Sunday school classes.  This is very exciting for youth council!

á      Open Mic is coming on November 10 at 7pm.  This is a wonderful night for the whole church family and we hope to see many of you there--we will have a sign up for acts in a week or so.

LAY LEADER:  JoAnne Gregorash reported that there are only 3 committees left to introduce themselves.  (Finance, Trustees and Stewardship still need to present)

She is looking for liturgists as well.


CARING MINISTRIES:  Bruce reported that they have a meeting coming up.   New Caring Ministries are continuing to come up.  During the next meeting they will discuss the narthex project.  They are supporting the prayer shawl ministry.  When it is presented a prayer will be given with each shawl.  Mary Knoppel is leading this ministry.

FAMILY MINISTRY:  Amy Johnson reported:

á      Planning to go apple picking October 7th at Royal Oaks farm in Hebron (about an hour away), but everyone will meet at the church and caravan to the site.

á      November – Emphasize families attend Open Mic night.

CHRISTIAN CORNER:  Mike Wojtal reported that they have 22 students, which is their highest enrollment for the year.  They have hired a new full time assistant.  They have been having some staff turnover issues. 

Goals for Christian Corner ChildrenŐs Center:

1.     Renew licenses from DCFS and the Health Department in 2007.

2.    Increase the number of students enrolled at CCCC.

3.    Expand our Christian and Pre-K curriculum

4.    Replace old playground toys and equipment.

5.    Purchase 5 new bikes for the large motor room.

6.    Schedule more in-service hours for teachers and assistant teachers.

7.    Host more conferences at our center.  Increase from 1 – 2 per year.

8.    Increase the time of our physical fitness program with a separate program.


Pastor Bill provided that Our Saviors down the street would like to work with us to have a service around Thanksgiving.


Move November meeting to November 9th, the 2nd Thursday of the month, so it can include the Charge Conference.


Next Ad Council/Stewardship Meeting Oct. 19th 6:30 p.m.

 Pizza will be served


The meeting was adjourned at 8:29 p.m. with a prayer by Pastor Bill.