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Ministries of Our Redeemer's

We seek to empower our church members to serve God and thus to advance His Kingdom. We realize that God calls certain members of our church to propose and to organize service projects while He calls other members to then join in this, His work. We seek to encourage, facilitate, and to coordinate these endeavors of Christian service.

Appalachia Service Project
An annual tradition for Our Redeemer's. Each summer a team of youth and adults travel south to repair houses and connect with those who live in them. A wonderful opportunity for Christian service and fellowship.
Contact - Marianne Rogenski: orumc@orumc.org

Blood Drive: Held the first Tuesday in December
by the American Red Cross here at Our Redeemer’s; volunteers call the membership for blood donations.

Campbell Soup Labels:
This is something wecan all be involved with if we take the time to cut off the labels before we throw out the package. Check the list in church for what to save. These labels are sent to McCurdy Mission and Red Bird Mission to be redeemed for much needed supplies and even a van!

Christian Corner Children's Center
A childcare outreach ministry to the community.
Contact - Justyna Peron-Podgorski (847) 882-9034

Crop Walk:
Each October church members walkto raise money for Church World Service, a Christian hunger ministry. Other memberspledge to sponsor the walkers.
Contact - Doug Meneely or Edie Machonis: cropwalk@orumc.org

Easter Baskets
Formula, diapers, and suppliesfor children from birth through six years is collected for Child Serv, a United Methodist agency providing help for children and parental support.
Contact - Gail Bedingfield: baskets@orumc.org

Elgin Crisis Center
The center provides supportand housing for women in crisis. We assist with donations of needed supplies and toiletries.
Contact - Carlene Thompson ecrisis@orumc.org.

Gifts from the Heart:
An Advent project in which those interested can sign up to buy a gift for a needy child.
Contact - Carol Hollingsworth:heart@orumc.org.

Habitat For Humanity
Church members travel each month to help with home construction. Service opportunities range from the building itself to preparing lunches for the builders.
Contact - Mert Rutledge: habitat@orumc.org

Louisiana Storm Recovery Center
This United Methodist ministry is set up to respond to the Hurricanes of 2005. Volunteers must be 16 years old or older. A wonderful service project for older Sr. High and college students.
Contact - Marianne Rogenski: orumc@orumc.org.

Meals for Millions/Potato Project
A Ministry of the Society of Saint Andrew to help salvage crops for food that would otherwise be wasted. It's a fund raising project, but it could be a work project of actual field gleaning.
Contact - John Machonis: sosa@orumc.org

Minister's Discretionary Fund:
A fund usedto help people in financial need in the community.
Contact - Pastor Sunny orumc@orumc.org (847) 882-6116.

Needle Works
Sewing group to benefit childrenand families.
Contact - Pam Kemph: needleworks@orumc.org.

Our Redeemer's Food Pantry
Hungry neighbors often stop by our church in search of food and comfort. Members contribute food to keep on hand for these children of God.
Contact - Pastor Sunny orumc@orumc.org (847) 882-6116.

Soup Kitchen at United Church in Rogers Park
One of our church's many hunger ministries. Church members travel to Rogers Park one Sunday a month to help serve a meal there.
Contact - Pastor Sunny: orumc@orumc.org (847) 882-6116.

Schaumburg Food Pantry
Feed our hungry neighbors by bringing non-perishable food items to the church narthex each Sunday. Volunteers deliver the food weekly to the Schaumburg Township Food Pantry.
Contact - Bruce Bedingfield: schpantry@orumc.org.

Tender Loving Care
A ministry to provide dinner to our families who are experiencing some added stress due to sickness, hospitalization, orother interruptions in life.
Contact - Peg Sanford: tlc@orumc.org.

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